Live @ Grego's - Austin,TX 07/02/03

Live @ Grego's - Austin,TX 07/02/03

Live @ Grego's - Austin,TX 07/02/03

Live @ Grego's - Austin,TX 07/02/03

NEW! Fire-Spice (wma format)
unearthed from the vaults -we had never even listened to it until mo came across an unmarked cd last week. this was a PK composition that we worked up at a practice session
last year. I dont think it was ever played live. file it under " loungy-psychedelia" !

Marmaduke Surfaceblow

Kluso'z - Lubbock, TX - 5/2/03

Free the Airwaves
Neptune's - Port Aransas,TX 5/17/03

Life During Wartime
Neptune's - Port Aransas,TX 5/17/03

The Debut CD Entitled 'RAW LIVE'', it contains 6 songs recorded live at The Vibe in Austin, TX on August 1st, 2002 (Jerry's Birthday). We're selling official copies at all our shows and online throught the link below. Tracks 1 thru 4 are now available in mp3 format for your downloading pleasure. Enjoy!

1. Chickenless Head
2. Miss.1/2 Step Jam > Big Bend
3. Life During Wartime > Eyes of Argos
4. Huichol Man
5. Abbabaabaababba (not available online)
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Winter Tour 2003
10.4.02 Lubbock. TX - Klusoz & Koolaid Fest
Various FromJuly & August '02
07.04.02 The Vibe- Austin, TX
06.29.02 Kappa Sigma House- Austin, TX

06.21.02 The Vibe- Austin, TX
05.16.02 The Vibe- Austin, TX
05.09.02 The Vibe- Austin, TX

04.27.02 Eeyore's Birthday - Austin, TX

02.08.02 Red Blood Club, Dallas, TX

08.23.01 Stubb's BBQ, Austin, TX
12.20.01 Bojangles- Christmas Jam
11.24.01 Bojangles
-E&D's Birthday Party
10.31.01 Kappa Sigma House-Halloween
08.12.01 Cafe Mundi w/ MO form Grass



GG on Fox News in Denver CO
a live newscast story about the use of pyrotechnics in small clubs. [Apple Quicktime]

SXSW 2003 -The Vibe, Austin, TX
"A full GG set from the Jambase/Relix/High Sierra Party!! [Apple Quicktime]

Halloween 2002-The Vibe, Austin, TX

"The Purpose" with Govinda & Chrysta Bell [Apple Quicktime 39mb]

Neptunes - Port Aransas, TX 11/24/02
"Chickenless Pickle" [Apple Quicktime 34mb]


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